Play65 offers games for fun and for real money on all levels, and particularly beginners and coziness players are in good hands here. In the following sections we provide an overview of the Site for you.

It is indicated in the lobby, which matches are currently running, and in which you can participate. You can watch the plays that are running already by clicking on “watching”. It can be helpful to observe a few plays before you enter. Each player is in a ranking list system with a certain scoring depending on how many matches he won and lost. By this, you can always approximately estimate your opponent’s level. This is indicated in the lobby with different color codes.

Play 65 lobby

Play with play money
You get £100 play money. Thus you can try out online Backgammon without risk, and if you should lose it, it is again paid in on your account automatically.

Play with real money
Before you can begin with playing for real money, you have to enter your personal data first. It is free of charge to be registered, and Play65 gives £2 you for it. In addition, you can get £20 extra, if you deposit £20 (see under Play65 bonus code).

If you click on “Play”, a new window opens automatically, in which the rules of the selected game and the height of the money deposit are briefly shown. In addition, doubling cubes, Beaver and high-speed play can be chosen.

Play 65 spil

Play65 pleads much to protect new and inexperienced players against experienced players. The different settings are from the beginning on adjusted in the way that one can only see players on its own level. If you should get a match against a substantially better player, you are warned beforehand automatically.

Backgammon school
If you like to improve your play fast and simply, a visit to the online Backgammon school of Play65 is certainly worth it. Here, you play against a computer, which analyzes all your moves and shows you the three best options each time. Beyond that, he teaches you when to use the doubling cube and when you should accept and/or reject a doubling.

Play 65 skole

In the example shown above, the move was the third best possibility. When clicking No. 1 the best possibility is illustrated.

We can only recommend the Backgammon school of Play65. It is a very good opportunity to optimize your play.

Play65 sign up bonus code
With Play65, you can choose between two different bonuses as a user:

BonusPlay 65 bonus code
$20 bonus for 1st deposit of £20 or moreBack-Gammon20
$10 bonus for 1st deposit of £10 or moreBack-Gammon10

Play65 gets 5/6 stars

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