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Everyone knows online bingo is all the rage – but exactly what can you find within the plush looking bingo parlours to tempt you in and thrill you everyday? Read our online Bettingexpert Bingo review to find out the facts before you decide to join.............

Let's get chatting with bingo.....
Wait a minute – this is bingo, so shouldn't we be talking about the games? Well – you're right, but first of all it's vital to know about the key element of online bingo's success – The Chat! Yep – bingo websites offer you cool instant-chat screens, including the chance to chat live during games. There's no better way to make friends on the web while having so much fun. Within days you'll have a bunch of new bingo buddies and be looking forward to daily catch-ups and the latest gossip. There's no better partner for a quick coffee break or a fun-packed night in!

Now – how about those bingo games!
First-up we have classic 90 Ball Bingo, the game that's been played in Europe and the UK for decades – maybe the kind enjoyed by your granny! It's now the main-stay of virtually every web bingo parlour and delivers three basic ways to win – just match 1-line, 2-lines or a Full House, to grab cool cash payouts! Many online bingo games feature fun themes and cutting-edge graphics, providing a cute and feel-good vibe.

If you like more variation in your gaming, join one of the premier bingo parlours, because they give you the option of experiencing the unique thrill of 75 Ball Bingo – the game that comes straight from the USA. In true American style, the 75 Ball game offers you big, brash gaming, with ever- changing bingo card patterns and rewards – so don't miss out by playing at a 90 Ball only parlour!

The best bit about online bingo is the price – or rather, the low prices! Bingo tickets can be purchased from as little as 5 or 10 pence.....meaning everyone can raid their piggy bank for regular chit-chat gaming sessions!

Cool Bingo payouts
So – we've got the chat and you know about the games – but what about the cash prizes? Well – bingo payouts can literally range from pennies to many thousands with progressive jackpot bingo wins £10000 to £50000 are possible at some parlours! Naturally, because bingo is a game of chance – you'll need to be on very good terms with lady luck to land the big one! The good news is just about every regular gamer is likely to win lower level prizes at some stage – and nothing beats the thrill of playing with multiple cards and watching the numbers stacking up......just one more to win!

Bingo Bonus Chat Games
The online bingo freebies are a big part of the bingo buzz – giving you more chances to win gaming credits, prizes and more cash! Many parlours run live bonus chat games, within their main bingo games. Chat games include brain teasers, card games and quizzes and require you to answer in a 'beat the buzzer' style format – via your personal chat screen. What's more – in true bingo fashion, you'll also find a huge range of free prize draws, sweepstakes and competitions, for the chance to win cash and luxury goods such as games consoles, music systems, DVD players and wide screen televisions!

Free Bingo Bonus Rewards
As you can see – online bingo is the ultimate new leisure activity, that doesn't break the bank! However, if you're still not sure or just want to win from day one – just take advantage of the array of free bingo credits available from some of the Internet's most popular bingo parlours. It's fun, cool and has serious street cred – so get gaming & chatting!
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